Unit 903 Options

Unit 903 was designed as a three bedroom, three full bath unit and if you're looking to re-divide the massive master bedroom/office configuration, it is simple and inexpensive to do so. The photos and the "as-designed" floor plan image below suggest how you might personalize the space to suit your unique desires. For example, some might want a softer look to a particular room. Adding curtains or even the installation of drywall on the ceiling can transform the room in a way that you might not immediately consider.
To create a monumental, open concept space you could, as the floorplan suggests below, remove a dividing wall of cabinetry between the kitchen and what otherwise might be considered the living room, creating a continuous space that would allow you to reverse living and dining room and perhaps creating a thinner kitchen island where up to four stools could be placed beneath an extended countertop.